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Thread: Jade Empire - Staff Retroview

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    Jade Empire - Staff Retroview

    Long ago in a distant land there was a slight problem with the dead refusing to stay quiet and decompose. Most people reacted rather lightly to this upending of the natural order, and learning BioWare's reasoning for such things is quite entertaining.
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    A sequel to this would warrant an immediate pre-order by me, which I so rarely do, but, as JuMe says, one good game is better than none.

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    This is Bioware's best 3D game. Nothing else comes close. One man's monument to himself!
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    Frenetic and entertaining combat? Funny. I remember it being ploddingly slow and bland. At least we agree on the shooter sequences. It may still be worth 800 MS points though.
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    I thought the game's battle system was slow as well. You should have reviewed the Xbox version as it's too easy to look past graphics when played on a PC port with much higher resolutions than their original console version.

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