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Thread: NISA Confirmed as Etrian Odyssey IV's European Publisher

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    NISA Confirmed as Etrian Odyssey IV's European Publisher

    Etrian Odyssey IV was originally announced for Europe back in February, however, due to Atlus' non-existence in the region, no one was entirely sure who was publishing it. Thankfully, that most vital of questions has now been answered.

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    I still get a chuckle out of NIS America being tabbed for European publishing.
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    I know, eh? Especially NISA publishing an Atlus game in Europe. Good on them for bringing RPG goodness to our European friends.

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    I read that NISA is actually going to publish more Atlus titles in Europe. So this could lead to Europe getting games in a timely fashion and more consistently.
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    NISA's got some really strong ties to the EU market and has spent a long time cutting through the rigamarole that prevents a lot of distribution. I'm excited to see them succeed.

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    Japan First Software America, European publisher. How many country/continent names could they fit into their name and job title?

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