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Thread: GungHo Brings Some Downloadable Imports

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    GungHo Brings Some Downloadable Imports

    GungHo is bringing over a barrage of PSOne Classics from the depths of their archive, including a few unique RPGs. Unfortunately for many, understanding Japanese is a requirement for full enjoyment, but some may be more accessible than they appear.

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    Sounds interesting. I'll need to find some translation documents or something if I plan to play them though.
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    Needs reviews.

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    If I can locate those titles at my regular game store, I might give them a whirl.

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    I like the way it looks. Wish they could have translated it though...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaylightDies View Post
    I like the way it looks. Wish they could have translated it though...
    I'd be willing to pay 15 or so if they were translated. In japanese, there's no point in me getting them.
    It's nice that they're bringing imports though, Zanac x Zanac is fun.

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