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    Nintendomination - Currents

    In this week's issue of RPGamer’s Currents, Nintendo is Direct, OUYA isn't a hit with critics, social gaming nears the grave, and Adam #DealWithIt Orth departs Microsoft. Oh, and Crytek loves graphics (surprise!).

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    Regarding Crytek...

    Yerli clarified his statements by saying he was talking about technical quality and stability, not just aesthetics. In other words, when he talks about "better" graphics, he is talking about the ability to pack more objects onto the screen, UI, and stuff like that. Things that actually affect gameplay. Of course, I think he just said that to cover his butt.

    Yeah, that's all I got. Everyone knows MS and Sony can be jerks and nobody liked social gaming anyway.

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    EA's problem is they treated their social gaming space like they did their retail space. Their currency costs were too high, because they had a "OF COURSE people are okay spending 60 bucks a month on this!" attitude.

    Even worse, they used and abused their whales to the point any big spender who was in any way invested in the community became adamantly opposed to the company but not opposed to speaking their minds about the crap treatment they'd received.

    Also, his LinkedIn still exists and has since the incident. It is, however, now a little more private -- as IMNSHO it should have been in the first place. He's a second or third layer connection to me and I've had no problems. Unfortunately, most news sites haven't bothered to correct this misrepresentation despite it being pointed out to most, so this silly rumour continues to propagate. Trent should listen to the podcast

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