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Thread: RPGCast - Episode 264: "Bosoms And Bullets"

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    RPGCast - Episode 264: "Bosoms And Bullets"

    RPGCast - Episode 264: "Bosoms And Bullets"

    There's peanut butter in my chocolate in this week's RPG Cast. We figure out how to solve the JRPG problem. Nintendo announces every RPG ever. And finally, Earthbound!

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    May contain Boobies.

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    I'm looking forward to...

    I'm mostly looking forward to "Grim Dawn" which is Crate Entertainment (Iron Lore entertainment, the makers of Titan Quest) ARPG. Much as I like online ARPG's the occasional disconnect and or lag issues and the realmoney auction house interfere with my mindless powergaming (levelling and buildmaking/skill choosing) and loot farming for shinies bot like fun. Torchlight 2 I'm afraid, has too simplistic an AI to provide a fun and lasting challenge. This is pretty much a spiritual sequel to Titanquest and Diablo 2.
    Although the very thought of Darksouls send me scuttling back in melodramatic fear, Anna mentioned a game which is basically a roguelike with puzzles which sounds intriguing.
    Although I'm playing Path of Exiles Beta right now, they have an expansion to act 4 rumoured to be out in 6 months, and plans to go gold, so also looking forward to that.
    And arrgh I forgot to mention "trails in the SKy part2! I played part 1 and it was so charming with anice cliffhanger at the end
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    I want to give Grim Dawn and PoE a shot at some point in the future. Right now between TL2 and D3 I'm all ARPG-ed out. It's just not a genre I can play a ton of.

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    Personally, I'm getting Dragons Crown despite the odd art style. Of course, most of the characters in there are exaggerated in one way or another. I guess Kamitami's riffing on old fantasy artwork with this new game. I have purchased every Vanillaware game available in the US and 1 that wasn't.

    Playing Dragon Quest 2 and Dragon Fantasy 1 back to back here, and DF1 is quite faithful to the old tropes of Dragon Quest. Of course, that's a good and bad thing. On the positive, it doesn't overstay its welcome.

    2013 looking forward to, in rough order of how excited I am for them

    Higher priority, I'll play these this year or early next year likely:
    Muramasa: Rebirth
    Disgaea D2
    Ys: Celcetta
    South Park: Stick of Truth
    Time and Eternity
    Dragon Fantasy Book 2
    Dragon's Crown

    I'll get it and never play:
    Tales of Xillia
    Rune Factory 4
    Project X-zone

    May or may not buy/play these:
    Soul Sacrifice
    FF14 reborn
    Valhalla Knights 3
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    Second half of the year is reserved for Pokemon with a side of Zelda 3DS. On the console front... it's basically FFXHD, because I haven't played the International content. And if I haven't seen it, it's new to me.

    As it pertains to E3, if there's a presentation at 12ET/9PT on the first day of E3, how is that different than previous years? The only thing I can see is it eliminating the awkward moments of a live show, and that doesn't stop the memes from flowing (see: "What's wrong with you", Nonspecific Action Figure, Iwata Stares At Fruit, Lego!Iwata, and Miyamoto's Vacuum)
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    The only rpgs i'm looking forward to this year are Tales of Xilia and Kingdom Hearts HD. I may get FFX HD as well after i learn more about what effort was actually put into the HD remaster.
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    Pokemon X/Y is at the top of my most wanted list. Not far behind it is Shin Megami Tensei IV. Though not quite as excited, I'm also looking forward to Project X-Zone
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    Looking forward to Project X-Zone, Muramasa Rebirth, SMT IV, Tales of Xillia, and Ys Celceta. I think that means I'm barely buying anything this fall, but I'll probably be playing catch-up anyway.

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