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Thread: Europe Gets a Headstart for Time and Eternity

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    Europe Gets a Headstart for Time and Eternity

    The date has been set for European RPGamers to walk down the aisle with Imageepoch's RPG in hand. Those in North America will have to wait a touch longer for their big day, however.

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    Indeed it is so. Wich makes me think of the reason behind its pro-Europe marketing wich seems to indicate that Time and Eternity , or rather the developers and publisher seem to think, will do better in Europe than lets say North America. Wich seems to be happening with a lot of JRPGs lately, doing better in sales and popularity in Europe mostly. Wich is ironical because from past AND present trackrecords Europe gets left behind with lot of JRPGs. Most wont get a localisation and when there is something to look out for we getting it real late in comparison with NA. Anyway i am looking forward to this game, looks great.
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