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Thread: RPG Backtrack: Episode 92 - Master of Swordplay

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    RPG Backtrack: Episode 92 - Master of Swordplay

    Link went through several phases during the GameCube era. First he demonstrated cel shading, then he tempted gamers to buy GBA link cables, and after that ushered in the Wii's launch. It's all up for reminiscence on this episode - along with something about a fellow named Tingle.
    Oh yes, he's there.
    It's not what he's eating, but what's eating him that makes it ... sort of interesting.

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    Kooloo limpah!

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    Thanks again for the show.
    Well Phil, that might be why that I like your games suggestions so much, cause we seem to be having much of the same favourites games, my favourite Zelda is a Link to the past and the first one, play so much of that first one made all the map by hand, bomb all the wall, both adventure, yeah I was young and lot of free time!!
    I gladly give your show 6 star out of 5
    Always enjoy all the experience in life, you might gain a level or two.

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    "A Trilogy of RPGamer women"?
    Phil you could of had "A Triforce of RPGamer women!" (or "Goddesses" for bonus points.)

    I'm pretty sure there were more than two games which used the GBA-GC connectivity. Although most times it just unlocked stuff on the related GBA & GC games.
    However I remember there was that Pacman Verses mini-game on some GameCube games.
    And more importantly "the Wind Waker" had a Tingle Tuner, which let a second player help(/hinder) you (a bit like player 2 in Super Mario Galaxy & New Super Mario U).

    I couldn't really see a re-release of Four Swords Adventures on the Wii U working very well. Not unless you can play the multi-player online.
    Instead I would rather see it on the 3DS if anything, that would solve the issue of having a separate 2nd screen for everyone.

    Lastly I'm afraid Tingle did make it into Four Swords Adventures. Most noticably he will float in to help carry off any of those heavy Force Gems that you decided to leave lying around.

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    Super late here, but gotta add this

    1 - Wind Waker - 2nd Best Dungeons in any Zelda game ever. Loved them! My main problem with this game is exploration. I love exploring, and this game had almost none. A huge map to sail around in, with a bunch of teenie-tiny islands with nothing the least bit interesting in them. Boo.

    2 - Goofy vs. Serious - My other issue with WW is that it just looked goofy. Everything seemed really silly. I don't need games to be dark and depressing, I do like it when the silliness is kept to a minimum.

    3 - TP - My favorite Zelda game of all, obviously because it had a huge map, lots to explore, and it was very serious. None of the dungeons (with one exception) had to rely on any quirky oddball gimmicks, and the boss rights were all intense. There are some things about this game I don't like. #1 - Collecting the insects in the twilight realm got old quick. #2 it was WAY to easy. #3 The graphics do seem very dated, I think they just need to release it in HD.

    Great podcast, keep it rolling!

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