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Thread: Ground Control to Major Tom - Currents

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    Ground Control to Major Tom - Currents

    In this issue of Currents, Nvidia's Shield is pricey, Eternal Darkness gets a sort-of sequel, OUYA's release is pushed back, and AAA titles somehow continue to disappoint with millions of sales. Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.

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    I can't justify buying the Shield at 350 until I see a price point for the PS4/New Xbox. Mind you, I can't justify 150 on an Ouya either for a lot of the same reasons that go beyond price: what is this console going to offer me? I'm not saying either is bad, but as someone who plays predominantly JRPGs, neither system is courting me.

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    The price point has turned me off of the Shield as well, for now at least. That's too much for me to be getting the first generation of something that I could see being quite bug heavy. The idea behind it is still pretty awesome, and I do have a good enough video card for the streaming from PC, so it's something I'll be keeping an eye on.

    I'd be excited about Eternal Darkness 2, but after reading a post mortem about Silicon Knights, I don't want to touch anything Dennis Dyack is involved with, let alone give him money.

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    nVidia, the Shield does not protect you from being shot in the foot by your own price point.

    Unless the Ouya has a spectacular comeback with its next iteration that it sends to people, I'm predicting a fast flop.

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    I don't know why they called it a 'Shield'. I can't help but feel like it will NGage poorly with the current market.

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    I am going to assume the germans have a word for 'the sudden realization that something needs more Bowie upon encountering a small amount of Bowie within it' because i have that. and the space program needs more Bowie.

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