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Thread: RPGCast - Episode 267: "Shadow of the Symphonias"

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    RPGCast - Episode 267: "Shadow of the Symphonias"

    RPGCast - Episode 267: "Shadow of the Symphonias"

    People overreact to layoffs. Candy Box consumes another person's life. Square Enix decides the best thing for its future is to make an HD version of Final Fantasy VIII. Someones requests an all-female RPG Cast.

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    GBA games that were missed in the discussion: FFV (best version without question), Fire Emblem (and Sacred Stones), Pokemon Emerald.

    PSP games that will be missed on the Vita: Final Fantasy I/II remakes (NA only), Kingdom Hearts BBS, Star Ocean I/II remakes, Crisis Core, Valkyrie Profile. Among the games that were missed, the emailer may want to look into the Department Heaven series (Riveria, Yggdra Union, Knights in the Nightmare and... Chris missed the opportunity for Gungnir).

    Edit: If you use the Black/White 2 Memory Link, there's nothing character-specific that carries over. If you're a Pokedex completionist, you may want to stay with the color since you'll get access to the version mascot you missed in BW1. (If you had White 1, you got Reshiram, having White 2 lets you get Zekrom).
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    As much as I love the Dept Heaven games, they are super hit and miss, so I tend to not recommend them. Yggdra is IMO the best of the lot, followed by Riviera. After that, you both have an issue where Gungnir and KitN can box you into a corner.

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    Hi RPGamers,
    This past week I game up with a fun party game for video game nerds, especially ones who have a knowledge of the industry like you guys. The game is called Bad Game Crossovers. Each player is given a game franchise that is either popular or has a passionate fan base. The goal is to come up with a game idea or title that totally takes the franchise out of its normal genre, ruins its gameplay or otherwise would incite players' ire with its horrible qualities. So here goes my list, please feel free to add your own to the list on the air.

    Bad RPG Game Crossovers

    Harvest Moon: Defend the Pot Fields
    Suikoden: All 101 Stars Kart Racing
    Scooby Doo: Devil Summoner
    Chocobo Race or Die
    Super Robot Theoretical Mechanics Simulator
    My Little Pony: Horses of Hyrule
    Pokemon Dance Party
    Tales of the World x Cooking Mama
    Xenosaga: The Interactive Text Adventure
    Persona x Archie and Friends
    Ys Tactics
    Final Fantasy Dating Simulator: What if They Mated?


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    Hello Pawscast!
    I was happy to hear Mikel is playing Tactics Ogre. I've been watching a friend play through Final Fantasy 6, and it isn't living up to how good it was when I was 12. If pressed to list my favourite games, Tactics Ogre now tops the list. That said, I thought I'd offer a little clarification to help Mikel out.

    In regards to levelling characters, the random battle system is the same as it was in Final Fantasy Tactics. When going over neutral areas you can get random battles. Tynnemouth Hill is a popular levelling point, or the Phorampa Wildwood is a dungeon that resets the moment you leave and makes levelling easier. In random battles, and once you beat the game, the enemy units you face are based on your highest deployed character. So if you want to level up your Pirate, Ninja, Lodis Knight, and Songstress classes you could just deploy only those low-levelled classes and the enemies you face will be that level. Don't forget that some classes can't be used by humans, so break out some orcs, pumpkins, lamia, faeries, and gremlins to try them out.

    While during the main game money isn't as much of an issue, when you pick up a tarot card it increases your stats permanently. It can be worth killing all the enemies on a level instead of rushing the boss just for that fact alone.

    Chris, on the CHARIOT (undo) feature - it doesn't affect the ending, but it does limit your achievements. While Mikel doesn't like characters having 3 lives, it makes the game less stressful. If a character permanently dies you can scavenge their skills to another one of your characters, which comes into play mostly post-game (who doesn't want a flying hawkman pirate dual -wielding pistols?).

    Manny, I've been trying to go through all of the post game and my hours played is 500 hours and counting. The WORLD system allows you to go back to anchor points in the game and see how the different choices play out, so if you wanted to see all the content the game has to offer you're looking at four main chapters; redoing them on Lawful, Chaotic, and Neutral; four fun CODA chapters that were DLC in Japan; and then various bonus dungeons and bosses going as deep as 115 floors.

    I think this would be my perfect game if only it had cooperative multiplayer like Final Fantasy Tactics has.

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    Just a few comments, my thanks to Manny for spacing out my feedback. Haha I called "Age of Wushu" -World of Wushu didn't I? At the time, I was reminiscing of all the Hong Kong Wuxia serials I used to watch avidly. There would be Clans all competing for the title of no.1 in "Wushu Realm" which translates to "The World of Wushu", all the elders would shut themselves in a secret cave cultivating their inner energies, not necessarily with pills, for the contest.Sometimes they would mess up the cultivation in search of incredible power and hurt themselves, ruining their chances for glory!. This might necessitate a quest for a mystical herb to heal the Elder. Their underlings, disciples and organisations would plot against each other and sometimes the Imperial government and outside powers like the Mongolians would interfere. To keep things interesting, there could be bits of culture showcased, based on true historical facts, comic relief characters, music and dances, love interest(s), and of course, fights. There is definitely a wealth of material that can be drawn on and I hope one day, much better games are produced.

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    I hope you guys read the after-reveal posts on the Xbox One thread over at Misc. Gaming on the show tomorrow. You want responses to the XBox One (the dumbest name ever), there you are.

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