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Thread: First Facts for Fairy Fencer F Flaunted

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    First Facts for Fairy Fencer F Flaunted

    Final Fantasy fans should be very familiar with two of the names involed in Compile Heart's latest project. Read on to see who they are and some additional early information about Fairy Fencer F.

    [ Story ]
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    Not sure if I'm interested in this yet. I originally mistook Furies for Furries. >_>

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    Nice F'ing.

    Hopefully the game has more going for it than a token song from Uematsu, some nice art, and a whole lot of "F" words.
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    Not going to get any Compile Heart games anymore.

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    CH games could go either way. I'd like to try it. I'm not crazy about the diagonal HP/MP bars, though.

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    Are these weapons hairy? I wonder if the game will be good.
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    I'd buy this faster then people buying lotto tickets with a big payout
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