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Thread: RPGCast - Episode 268: "Xbox Genesis"

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    RPGCast - Episode 268: "Xbox Genesis"

    RPGCast - Episode 268: "Xbox Genesis"

    Manny learns about gaming chairs. Chris learns about digestives. Jon learns about robot physics. Anna Marie learns about playing 30 Final Fantasy XIV characters simultaneously. And we all learn about Xbox One. We'll see you all in a month!

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    First off, thanks Anna for counteracting Chris's and Manny's elitist dismissal of the Wii U, Ouya and Retron5. I understand they're not the most cutting-edge consoles, but they're all viable gaming experiences, and I'm glad that Anna as there to smack down the snobbery.

    That said, I do find Anna's assessment of MS' turnaround to be somewhat simplified. Around 2010, they DID refocus on multimedia functions, but that was after they became the champion of the 7th gen, with a successful hardware platform that was the choice when gamers looked at multiplatform titles. Gamers, put bluntly, were locked in, so MS didn't need to keep pushing. Now, they're doing what Nintendo did with the Wii - focusing on the non-gamers to the unquestionable detriment of gamers. Nintendo's struggles in the home gaming market post-2009 suggests that focusing only on the mercurial mainstream can embitter the ones who were with you in the beginning. If the Xbox One does well, but then Apple comes out with a better non-gaming media appliance (and they almost certainly will if the past decade is any indication), what happens to the Xbox Two (unless they call their next system the Xbox 360 again)?

    With the Xbox One and PS4 both using X86-64 chipsets, there won't be any issue getting western gaming on the PS4, and there'll almost certainly not be the same impetus as this generation for Japanese 3rd parties to support MS anymore. We know FFXV is going to be a PS4 exclusive, and I'd be surprised if more high-profile games from Japan followed suit.

    Speaking of non-American markets, Europeans especially seemed pissed as so much of this multi-media thing seemed centered around the US to the exclusion of everyone else. While PS3 outsold 360 in Europe as well, there were plenty of 360 users in Europe who are now facing the prospect of paying obscene amounts of money to fund MS initiatives they'll never even be ABLE to use. They're shoring up America, which is fine, but they're surrendering the rest of the world to Nintendo and Sony. Honestly, I'd be shocked if MS even released the system in Japan.

    Manny, you got any official confirmation that online play will be gated on the PS4, or is that just "industry sources"? I can't find anything on Google that isn't rumor and scuttlebutt? Not that I care about online play, as I don't play online much...

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    All fair points. I think what turned around MS is open for interpretation because neither of us work for the company you could be right. IMNSHO, MS isn't interested in anything but the US market. Not Japan, not Europe, not even really Canada. Their game plan is the US and it shows. Every other country they happen to sell to is probably just gravy.
    I'm not convinced Apple is really heading towards a TV Box. I haven't heard much about Apple TVs, so if you know more about their success than I, fill me in please.

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