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Thread: RPG Backtrack: Episode 93 - Devil Doll

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    RPG Backtrack: Episode 93 - Devil Doll

    Being a detective in an alternate history version of Tokyo with demons crawling all over the place isn't that hard. It just demands a willingness to get lost in evocative 1920s-esque environments while smacking inhuman adversaries repeatedly in action combat.
    Ah, the 20s, what a milieu.
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    I always have some ambivalence about SMT games, but they are definately not afraid to explore some very dark themes. Sacrificing females in times of crisis is hardly original, anytime Elder gods, dragons, bandits, appear the first impulse of the Village Elder is..have we got any nubile virgins? It would save us a lot of trouble! I mean why else do we have large families! I would absolutely enjoy the SMT system applied to Modern America via Dresden Files or American gods, what is not funny, is how wrong their guesses about what would be fun for a Western audience culturally. But they must be running out of settings by now, they seem so Japan-centric. The last time I encountered anything Noir-esque, was reading "Nightside" novels by Simon R Green, I enjoyed those but it's a fine line between tasteful Noir and cheesetacky-tastic cliche groanfest.
    I have really fond memories of Chronotrigger, it was a true classic, spiky hairdo hero aside, Phil was right, as rpg's go, it was a pageturner and keep you wanting to play on. The characters were very memorable, and despite my terrible absentmindedness, even I remember the frog knight and Ayla the cave-girl. I also remember going in search of materials such as rainbow shells to create the rainbow weapons. Locations are varied and interesting as you would expect from a time-travelling game.

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