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Thread: Relive the Original Fable on 360

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    Relive the Original Fable on 360

    What is Lionhead doing after Molyneux's departure? Remastering his old games, of course. In all seriousness, the graphical improvements in this HD Fable compilation are quite nice.

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    That looks utterly beautiful. I hope they add some new things to the game.
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    That trailer made me cringe so bad, it's like they're just gratifying their own egos' desires by putting all that Twitter crap at the beginning.

    The screens do look nice though. Can't exactly say that just playing it in HD alone will make it any more of an enjoyable experience, though.

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    I hope they add some new things to the game.
    I doubt it. The expansion is as new as it gets. A lot of Fable players never got to play it, so I guess they figure that's enough. Here's hoping for some of Fable 2's better town interaction/real estate options though. All the original really needed was a better UI and more content.

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