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Thread: The Elder Scrolls Online Comes to Consoles

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    The Elder Scrolls Online Comes to Consoles

    The Elder Scrolls Online is venturing to consoles. Its trailer claims that the world is in crisis, but perhaps we should be glad it's just demons and not whatever the heck happens in the mind of Tom Clancy.

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    Sometimes, I might as well admit that I prefer gaming alone. But, what normally happens is that I somehow hope that this MMORPG would have enough single player content and that this time, the community is reasonably nice.
    I really like the Elder scrolls and its sandboxy format and I really hope this could be "The one". Based on past experience however, a more cautious wait and see, or wait till some decent content builds up or free to play happens is what I should really do. What is more likely is that as long as it gives me a free month to try out I will gulp at that worm on a hook, for a new world to explore and new combat system to master.

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