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Thread: Staff Review - Muramasa Rebirth

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    Staff Review - Muramasa Rebirth

    This is the story of a boy, a girl, and their collection of 108 evil, soul-stealing swords whose thirst for blood is so fierce that they corrupt any who hold them.

    Read the review here
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    I played the heck out of this game on the Wii, always wishing it was higher RES.
    Thanks for your detailed review.

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    I enjoyed the Wii version, but I had the unsettling impression that I was missing a cutscene or two along the way. Does the Vita version contain any cutscenes that were missed on the Wii, or is the improved localization enough to smooth out the gaps?

    I'm not quite ready to pick up a Vita, but when I do, I think I might give this game another try.

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