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Thread: Legaia 2: Duel Saga - Retroview

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    Legaia 2: Duel Saga - Retroview

    Eleven years later, it looks like the Legaia series has been pretty much forgotten by developers. How this happened when the second game made clear the love of a man for his gorilla is mystifying, but it is so nevertheless.
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    I remember playing through this game. While it didn't grab me in story as well as its predecessor, I did enjoy the trip through the game. But what irritated me was that the choices, which actually altered the MC's personality and responses towards things, as well as the relationship between him and the party, didn't really effect how the game ended. There were no variations of an ending, no different endings, nothing. All that work and it basically does nothing.
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    Yeah, I vaguely remember playing through Duel Saga too. Its up there with a couple other mediocre PS2 RPGs I never finished until just recently like Grandia 3 and Shadow Hearts FTNW. All I can really recall is the mustachioed guy who used to fight with swords but switched over to karate, and an engaging segment where the main character and his accomplice were being chased for awhile. There was a time when you had to go through these sewers that had an annoying encounter rate and lots of enemies that could only be hit by low attacks, so I got bored and quit.

    Do you think it would be worth it to experience the rest of the games, Jumes?
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    This game is a blast for the first chunk, and then it just DRAGS so bad. Add in every jrpg cliche you can think of and you have a real sleeper. Somehow though I still kinda like this game though. Anytime I have the urge to scratch a very specific jrpg itch I fire up my save from Legaia 2. I'm about half way through and I just can't seem to finish it. Maybe someday...
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    Definitely one of those I had to force myself to finish.
    The first game wasn't outstanding by any means but it had such charm. This had no charm, cringe worthy voice acting and a sleep inducing plot.

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    I actually played this game when it first came out and didn't find it hard to get through. Then again, I blasted through a lot of games when I put my mind to it back then. Because it's been so long, I seriously don't remember much about the game besides the combat system and origins being used for dungeons. The plot was certainly not memorable at all, and I don't think I could even name all of the playable characters.

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    I did like this game, at the time. It had some nice audio tracks by Sakamoto-san. I tried to play it again about 2 years ago and I just could not do it.

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    Played through this game once. I literally don't remember a single thing about the game except for how a couple characters look.

    Meh. If I could find the game again, I might play it, but it I lost it, it's not a game I would go out and buy again. lol

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