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Thread: Mystic Chronicles Launches This Month

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    Mystic Chronicles Launches This Month

    PSP games are fading from even the most dedicated of store shelves, but some new games are still being released for the aging platform. It may be a digital release of a port of an iOS game, but an RPG is still an RPG.


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    Its pretty cool that Kemco is branching into PSP/Vita territory now.

    On the other hand, I've been picking up their games for Android when they've had them on sale for $1 although regular prices tend to be in the $5 or less range, so a $15 pricepoint for an iOS port is pretty daunting- in the same way that $7 for Zenonia on the DS/3DS when it was $1 on Android was. On the other hand, for people who avoid mobile platforms, $15 might be a steal.

    I haven't played any of their RPGs yet, so I can't speak to their quality, but many of them have reviewed pretty well. Considering that Kemco is planning to release a game every month on iOS and Android, I am worried about quality. (The last Kemco game I played was Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle on the NES).

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    The PSN version isn't really a port in the traditional sense -- it's almost twice the length of the iOS game and has been completely re-localized.

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    I am pumped for this game and happy yo get more use out of my PSP , just finished death of breath and considering buying "Rogue Legacy" on steam which seems to be a barrel of laughs!

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    The front-view battle system kills me. I just can't do it. Am I shallow?

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    A better reason to dislike it is you don't like turn-based RPGs. Turn-based battles are not very popular these days.

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    I finished this on iOS back in February of 2012. The game itself took me just under 24 hours to complete. There was a bit more I could have done after that but nothing that was overly compelling. There is no world map its just a point and click on this location and we'll take you there like FFX. The story was ok and the translation at the time was pretty good while not amazing. I paid $3 for it while it was on sale and it's probably worth a $10 pricepoint but I wouldn't go any higher than that. The battle system was very traditional turn based where you learn new skills as you level up. Only unique thing was each character has a guardian that helps them with their battling and I think their stat leveling but even that wasn't all that exciting.

    I may check it out to see if they fleshed out the story or added more chapters to it. It's worthwhile if you like traditional turnbased JRPs which is Kemco's bread and butter. Reminiscent of Crimson Gem Saga but not as deep. If they start throwing some PSVITA trophies into the mix I'll start rebuying them all. Otherwise I'll mainly keep my Kemco games on my iOS devices as I purchased all of their games but this was the only one I completed.

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    $15 seems a little steep for it. I was expecting something a little more competitive. $10 would have been perfect to me. I know, a 5 dollar difference, but the phone games go for 7 regular retail with consistent sales.

    I was hoping they would bring us a pretty aggressive price point and try to covert a few more over to PSP/other handheld devices.

    Still, I will get it and probably enjoy it!
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