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Thread: RPGCast - Episode 271: "SAMU-RAI!"

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    RPGCast - Episode 271: "SAMU-RAI!"

    RPGCast - Episode 271: "SAMU-RAI!"

    We cut our way to the main news...oh look another trading card. I that's a good price for that me. We do a podcast and there's news and stuff. Back to getting more Steam trading cards!

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    I enjoyed the show as always, I half expect The Legendary Zoltan to appear and smite you with the correct pronounciation of Samurai.
    I was having fun with Rogue Legacy until suddenly my xbox 360 wired controller isn't supported anymore. the websites mentioned by Manny seems pretty brilliant. I saw the video about the Ouja, that poor man is a victim of Hype but I felt less sympathy if he tries to flog it off to some other unsuspecting sucker. The thing has some slight potential as being disposable toy for infants except the controller is abysmal.

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    I have two funny picking-up-games-from-the-store stories, both involving me rushing to said stores. First was back when Pokemon Gold and Silver were released. I had gotten a call from GameStop that the game had arrived early (I'm not sure if that particular GameStop broke the street date or what). As I was so very excited for the games, I dashed to the store which was close to my house, but I was still out of breath when I arrived. The clerk asked me if Pokemon was more important to me than air. I was 13 at the time, so a kid my age getting the game wasn't that unusual.

    The second involved Tales of Symphonia. I was excited for the game, but hadn't reserved for it and didn't buy it on day one as I was still a job-less high schooler and I had spent my limited funds on other things. When I went to get the game two weeks after it's released, I was saddened to learn the game was sold out at all the nearby stores. It wasn't until the first week of August 2004 that I called up a store at the mall to learned thy had a few copies in. Fearing they may be sold out again, I that time biked it over there in a hurray. At least that time I wasn't noticeably panting. :P
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    Chris, you shouldn't worry about which version of Disgaea games to buy. Those games have so much content, even without DLC, that you should just choose the version that you truly want to play. If you want to play it on a big screen with a controller (plus whatever special edition/pre-order bonuses are available), get the PS3 version. The story content in the initial version of the game will be enough for you. If you want it portable, wait for the handheld version. For some reason, I prefer this series (and really most JRPGs in general) portable, so I always just wait for the handheld versions of Disgaea games.

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