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Thread: RPG Backtrack: Episode 98 - Rolling a 7

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    RPG Backtrack: Episode 98 - Rolling a 7

    Square could have let roll with sequels to a certain tremendously successful game promptly, but years passed before they came to fruition. The number of purchases the public made once more products became available demonstrates the financial wisdom of the move.
    More movie sequels to games, please!
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    I don't mean to sound rude, but why is the sound quality so awful? It isn't usually this bad.

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    Hiya! Yeah, I had a recording issue, which I didn't catch until 20 minutes in. To address it, I inserted a disclaimer at the beginning of the show around 3m30s . The issues clear up around 20 mins in. Sorry for the issues. Evil Skype settings!!

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    Five got no sequels.
    I thought the "Legend of the Crystals" anime counted as a sequel to FFV.
    I haven't seen it though, so maybe it isn't as comparable to VII's "Advent Children" anime-sequel.

    Quote Originally Posted by tsubakisamurai
    Because Zack is just kind of a happy go-lucky guy, I mean he doesn't have the burden of sorrow that Cloud seems to have throughout FFVII.
    I'm sure this has been covered here before, but wasn't Cloud's brooding/depression/etc mostly attributed to his character after the original game?

    At least beside that death scene and the loss-of-identity scene, I don't recall him being very sorrowful. (Anger yes, but I not really counting that.)

    To bring it back on topic(?), did you say what was Cloud's personality was like in Crisis Core?
    (It's a 3 hour podcast, so I'm sorry if I just forgot.)

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