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Thread: Poll - Digital

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    Poll - Digital

    What's your stance on digital-only releases?
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    I've got a mixed opinion. It depends on a lot of things.

    In many cases, I've preferred the physical copies, although having the ability to go digital is nice. I've loved smaller games as digital, like most XBLA games, but for the most part I haven't touched Games on Demand.

    On the other hand, I've gone completely digital with my PSP at this point. Its easier to go full digital with a handheld. But the 3DS is a different story. I'd love to go digital only for the 3DS as well, but a lot of retail games aren't available, and my biggest issue is that Nintendo doesn't have a proper account system. So at this point, until Nintendo figures it out, I only get VC games and games that are only digital releases in that format.

    When it really comes down to it, I'd go fully digital in most cases if any of the major console/handheld makers did it right. When the digital price is the same or higher than what I could buy a physical copy for, I'll get physical. There is absolutely no reason that the digital price shouldn't be cheaper than the physical price, since they no longer have a lot of the added costs physical release entails. But right now they are too slow to release, too slow to drop the price, and too slow to get me interested.

    And then there is the Vita. I'd go digital only there too, if I had one. But the price of the proprietary memory sticks are downright criminal. I balked at paying $100 for a 120GB hard drive for my 360 years ago, but $100 for 32GB is ridiculous. Its hard to consider going full digital with the Vita when the price of entry is that high.

    The PC has a lot of well thought out and well designed models, both in Steam and GOG. I prefer GOG for lack of DRM, but Steam has its uses as well. The Steam model in particular would have made a lot of sense for the next console generation, I'm still shocked they didn't go full digital. Microsoft could have saved a lot of face if they had. I can see myself going full digital in the future, once the companies get their acts together and do it in a customer friendly way.

    And in most cases, I'm ok with digital only releases. XBLA has been great, and I think its a cheaper way for distributing games that may not have been seen otherwise, like Unchained Blades and Ace Attorney on the 3DS.
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    Nowadays I prefer digital on my PC and portables, and physical for home consoles (unless of course it's a free game on PlayStation Plus). Once console hard drives get bigger, I'll probably get digital for every game I'm sure of unless there are some really cool physical goodies that come with the game.

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    I'm pretty firmly digital, with the exception of 3DS games -- we can't share them across multiple systems unless it's a physical copy, and even then DLC is a pain.

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    I like digital for those good games I like, but can't really bring myself to buy at full price. Nowadays you see digital versions of those games popping up for $5 or so, so it's worth waiting. I prefer physical copies of games I really like.

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    I'll take digital when it's the only viable way to get it. I'm old fashion and something of a collector, so I like to have physical copies when I can.
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    I prefer to have the physical so I can keep it forever OR resale to recoup some of the cost. However, I think it's great to have older games available for digital download when it becomes impossible to get them in stores or costs an arm-and-leg online. But for something new? Never. I just don't see the point. It'd have to cost 80% less than physical retail to be a viable option to me.

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    If digital-only is the only way to get obscure things (Phoenix Wright, Senran Kagura, etc) then I'll go that route.
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    It depends on what kind of account system is available for the service the game is released on. I'm a digital only guy for PC. Physical only guy for 3DS. Mixed on anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaymin View Post
    If digital-only is the only way to get obscure things (Phoenix Wright, Senran Kagura, etc) then I'll go that route.
    This right here. I had to go digital for Liberation Maiden, Crimson Shroud, Godhand, Odin Sphere, and a few others. I had to because I couldn't find physical copies anywhere. Anything to play the game...
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    I'm paranoid about getting digital, especially for PC. I once downloaded a game called Memento Mori only to find out it doesn't suit my OS, did everything from update my drivers to running as admin, the only thing I didn't do was change the PC...waste of $$. I asked for a refund and never got it... I like the feeling of browsing in a gaming shop and asking the counter staff weird questions, which isn't kind of experience you'd get with digital.

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    I prefer physical copies for full games(moreso to save HD space and not have to wait forever for downloads) on consoles/handheld but if digital only, I have no problem buying them.

    I never buy physical on PC anymore.

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    Nowadays, unless it's GOG I'm firmly in the "refuse to patronize" camp. I would honestly rather a game not exist at all than only be available through submitting to online checks. As you can imagine, I rarely use my PC for gaming anymore.

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    My opinion is that I only prefer digital if I'm getting a discount, an older game or something obscure. If I'm paying $40-$60 for a major new release, I'd much rather have the physical copy.

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    Physical only for games who are 10GBs or more. The digital games I buy are those small $15 USD games.
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    Definitely digital for me. When I was younger I loved having the case/box/manual for all my games. But as I get older, I'm tired of carting around all this extra stuff whenever i move and recently garbaged a whole bunch if stuff. Plus I have had games get damaged for whatever reason. So now I only buy digitally.

    Plus backward compatibility issues with systems erks me way too much.

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    I like digital releases, but I hate DRM. So, I like buying digital when there's no DRM (GOG), don't care if it's trivial to break (PSP), and I'm willing to put up with it if it's minimally intrusive and the distribution service provides various other features and conveniences (Steam).

    In other situations, I vastly prefer physical releases and will only buy digital if it's the only way to get a game and the price is cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paws View Post
    I'm pretty firmly digital, with the exception of 3DS games -- we can't share them across multiple systems unless it's a physical copy, and even then DLC is a pain.
    this is where I fall as well, I am mostly digital at this point with my PS3, Vita and PC (to a lesser degree 360) but refuse to buy anything digital on 3DS due to the lack of a proper account system

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    What I find more fascinating is how quickly peoples' opinions have changed about digital distribution. Just a couple years ago you'd see polls like this where the vast majority of votes favoured physical copies. By the end of those first years, it shifted to more like 50-50. Now you often see digital winning out.

    Not surprising, really. I figured this would happen. Go ahead. Check my post archive.

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    It depends on the game. If I can reasonably afford the games in hard copy, I'll usually go that route. However, if a good sale comes along (e.g. some of the more awesome Atlus sales on PSP titles over the past few years), I'll go that route instead. Also, as much as I like collecting retro hardware, I was more than satisfied to download several PC-Engine and Neo Geo games when they turned up on Nintendo's Virtual Console with reasonable price-tags.

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