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Thread: Gamescom Trailer for The Dark Eye: Demonicon

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    Gamescom Trailer for The Dark Eye: Demonicon

    The results are always unpredictable when a pen and paper RPG is adapted for a different medium. With any luck this will be more like Gold Box games and Baldur's Gate and a little less like the Dungeons & Dragons movie.


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    I'll buy it in a year or five. I usually have to try Euro rpgs out even if I think they might not be that good. Heck, I own an unopened copy of Arcania despite knowing the games is far from good.

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    Ugh I'm really turned from from German/European games after Arcania. I doubt I'll touch this with a ten foot pole, unless it gets glowing reviews.

    I am assuming this is alpha footage as the gameplay graphics look very unpolished. (Sorry I'm just bitter after the Arcania incident lol)
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