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Thread: Lightning and Friends Return at Gamescom

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    Lightning and Friends Return at Gamescom

    Lightning has made a brief appearance in Germany ahead of her full return in February. A couple of former companions also showed their faces at what we assume was around the same time.

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    Wait wait her costumes change how she attacks, we actually fight alongside Fang at one point, we determine who we save or kill among old friends, AND we get to see Sazh once again be comedy relief along with his chocobo chick? My need for this increases.
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    For some reason, the trailers for Lightning Returns aren't catching my interest. They somehow feel flat, as if there isn't going to be much depth there. Maybe I'm just getting tired of the forced melodrama.

    I'd be surprised if the player is going to be able to affect the game significantly by choosing who to save or sacrifice. In 13-2, you're given the choice to kill Caius or not, but it makes absolutely no difference what you select; it plays out exactly the same way. Yep, I'm still angry.

    *sigh*. Maybe I'm just projecting my dislike for 13-2. (But by contrast, the FF15 trailers have definitely piqued my interest; I think there's potential there.)

    Don't get me wrong, I'd be happy if 13-3 was good, but... this puts me even more firmly in the "wait for the review" camp.
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