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Thread: Nicalis Brings Grinsia to PC, 3DS

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    Nicalis Brings Grinsia to PC, 3DS

    Kemco's RPGs have recently found the way onto Sony's handheld consoles, and now its sphere is about to encompass Nintendo as well. Grinsia is the latest game making the jump from mobile platforms.

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    Ooh, colour me surprised. I've always seen the Kemco games reproducing on my Android Market, but never bothered to actually play any. This must hold the title as 'RPG Maker game playable on most platforms'? That's assuming it is from RPG Maker anyway, it certainly looks that way.

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    RPG Maker can't be ported from PC to handhelds/consoles/mobile devices. I can see why it feels like one though, it does remind me of some of the ones I've played, and you could definitely do similar user interfaces and such in it.

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    Kemco's games aren't bad, they're just /very/ traditional JRPGs. I'd say if you're interested, stick to the ones other companies have localized -- the console versions are extended beyond the mobile versions and have a better translation to boot.

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    Grinsia's battle sequence looks vaguely similar to the earlier Final Fantasy series.

    Hope Grinsia eventually makes its way to the PSP and Vita.

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