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Thread: 2D Madness - Currents

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    2D Madness - Currents

    In this week's RPGamer Currents: Ballmer leaves Microsoft, the Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter fails, GameStop is expecting a profitable holiday season, and Nintendo announces a new handheld. Oh, we also want your opinion on 3D under a 2D lens.

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    Will the PS4/Xbox launch really be the biggest? For the first time since my first console (PS1,) I just have absolutely no interest in this generation. The JRPGs that captivated my interest have not been continued or have been lackluster in recent years (Final Fantasy/Xenosaga/Gears/Suikoden/Grandia/Valkyrie Profile) and absent those, the PC will continue to reign in power and flexibility. Perhaps I'm not longer in step with the gamers of today, but my main hope for the revival of creativity and fun games is that ventures like Star Citizen will prove very successful and crowd funding will break down the publishers' cookie-cutter design requirements. And even then, seems like it'll be years before any of my favorites are revived or end up on console.

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    I never played with 3D on 3DS, so if they can cut the cost and make it a little more comfortable that's fine by me. The main reason I'm not day 1-ing this machine is because they use the original screens and I can't go back after using the XL for a few months. Maybe when the 2DSXL comes out next year.
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    Seems a very odd decision. I can't really tell from the pics, but it looks like it'll be an unwieldy size (no longer remotely able to fit in a pocket) and the touch-screen masquerading as two screens (one of which is NOT a touch screen) is just bizarre. I have to say every time I've turned the 3D on in my 3DS I've turned it off again quite quickly, so that's no great loss as far as I'm concerned.

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    The 3DS gets a prequel:

    First, what do you mean by "no power-saving mode"? Because it does have a slider to turn on the usual 3DS sleep mode.

    (Actually I'm half expecting it to get jokes comparing it to the 3D slider. I.e. If your sleep mode is too deep, you can adjust the slider to lessen the depth, or even turn it off completely.)

    I disagree with those example names you chose. "3DS Lite" is telling people it does 3D. While "DS Slate" says it's a new version of the old DS.
    The "2DS" name might not be perfect, but all they need do is add an extra "2DS" to future 3DS game merchandise and that's half of that problem sorted. (Plus it's also out on the same day as Pokémon X...)

    The split touchscreen thing sounds interesting. You can imagine Nintendo have been prototyping tablets which can play 3DS games and used the knowledge to develop the 2DS.

    In other words that innovation might not be wasted yet and the next Nintendo handheld may turn out to be a full tablet with extra controls.
    (Although I'm probably just reading too much into it and the knowledge was just left over from the Wii U Game pad.)
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    Nintendo is saying that the 2DS being released on the same day as the Pokemon games is "coincedental." Really? Wouldn't it reflect better on the company to say that releasing this little-kid-friendly console on the same day as Pokemon was done on purpose?

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