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Thread: Child of Light Is Born

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    Child of Light Is Born

    It's strange but beautiful to see, this Ubi-made JRPG. Where evil breeds and monsters swirl, the future hangs on one brave girl.

    Edit: To avoid de-railing the thread, let's not have an argument about what "JRPG" means here. For the purposes of Child of Light, we're using it to mean, "a game with a story and battle system inspired by the classic SNES era of JRPGs."
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    This game is pleasing both to the eye, and with the music. It's just so soothing.
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    But my inner pedant wants to. Now that is out of the way, certainly is pretty looking. Doesn't Ubisoft try it's hand at an bringing out an RPG at most once or twice a generation?

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    Hmm, a sidescroller with detailed 2-D artwork? I'm getting a Vanillaware vibe. I must keep an eye on this one.
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    It piqued my interest when I first heard of it, but this trailer make me genuinely interested. I very much need to keep an eye on this.
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    Looks interesting... the lack of any interaction with anything but monsters denies the JRPG vibe to me though. Might be more of a dungeon crawler in spirit.

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    There's not enough shown to make that determination, though. In any case, I already want this game. It looks very interesting.

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    I like the artistic style, it looks really creative.

    Although... i'm really not into the platforming... so despite the pretty art style... I doubt I would get into it. Too stuck in my ways and what I like I suppose, lol.

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