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Thread: RPGCast - Episode 278: "Does That Make Sense?"

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    RPGCast - Episode 278: "Does That Make Sense?"

    RPGCast - Episode 278: "Does That Make Sense?"

    Manny celebrates mushrooms. Anna Marie has fever dreams. Chris finished...three games? Listen and find out if this is the real life, or if it's just fantasy.

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    Don't want to spoil Manny's "trip to Canada", but I'm afraid Embassies aren't considered to be foreign soil. It's a myth I'm afraid. He just walked past some U.S soil with a lot of Canadians working on it

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    True, but we're mostly making fun of that idea. Generally speaking the foreign government purchases the land, so the few square feet of Washington DC is owned by the Canadian government.
    The Vienna convention defines an embassy's lands as INVIOLATE to the host nation. It's a fancy way of saying agents of the state (ie, the police) must request permission to enter and enact the laws of the host country.
    To give a gruesome example, if I'm a Canadian and I walk into the Canadian embassy and stab someone, the US police must request permission to come in and arrest me. That request will likely be denied -- I'm more likely to be sent back home to face charges. If Chris walked into the Canadian embassy and stabbed someone, he'd be handed over to the police when they requested him. Same thing happens if I commit a crime in the US and then scamper to my embassy.

    Also despite popular misconception, the laws of the foreign nation do not magically apply within an embassy's grounds. If you're 18 and visit the Polish embassy for a beer, they're gonna card you.

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    It seemed like Manny was going on the belief that PS2 classics work on the Vita... sadly, that's not the case. However, the Vita does have access to the entire Persona series except Arena, through the PSP remakes of 1/2a/3, the PSN release of 2b and Golden.
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