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Thread: Meet the Blackguards

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    Meet the Blackguards

    Daedalic Entertainment has revealed the backgrounds of some of the unsavory characters that players will meet in Blackguards. The story likely contains a few early-game spoilers, so if you don't want to know how it starts out then look away now.

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    Oh, man...I have this game as a core pick. It sounded like an honest attempt at introducing a cast of villain-y characters. hope it does well.

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    for the sake of clarification: The Dark Eye is a German language tabletop game system that hit Europe before the translations of D&D made it to retail and as such holds the position of reigning fantasy game for most of the continent. It didn't see an official release in English until 2003, whereupon it didn't gain much traction or attention. It shares a setting with the Realms of Arkania PC games.

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    I might pick this up. The story could get interesting and the turn based combat probably doesn't hurt.

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    This sounds like a better opportunity to experience The Dark Eye brought into a CRPG than the Realms of Arkania remake.

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