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Thread: Editorial - Dreamworld

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    Editorial - Dreamworld

    Sometimes video games have the power to teach us coping mechanisms. Sometimes they even remind us how harsh reality can truly be.

    May contain feels.

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    Thank you for sharing your story, Nyx. I was very moved by it.

    All sorts of media can help people through tough times. Just because people don't typically think of video games as being something that can help people cope with difficult times doesn't mean they can't be as effective as books, music or movies. As long as it contains those elements of verisimilitude.
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    I usually avoid dad death stuff because my dad died when I was 13 and I still don't like that it happened. Most games don't really hit the heart strings when bringing up loss and death, but every now and then one hits and it hurts. Usually the death itself isn't as bad as the people dealing with it later. Persona 3 did a good job of making me feel like crap. So did Persona 4 for that matter. When the story resolves itself and there's growth there it makes the game more rewarding in the end.
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