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Thread: RPG Backtrack: Episode 102 - Leeartha... Leterra... Legaia!

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    RPG Backtrack: Episode 102 - Leeartha... Leterra... Legaia!

    There once was a title on the PS1 that involved saving the world from nasty things lurking in the mist. Doing so was mostly accomplished through martial arts prowess, a mechanic that carried over to its sequel, and was then forgotten in the years afterward.
    Not Stephen King's version of the mist.
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    The basement in Castle Bal is a fairly decent place to gain ABP in FFV, before the final areas. The statues (Objet d'Art) are easily killed by Level 5 Death, or by !Throwing ninja Lightning Scrolls at them.

    But I still wouldn't recommend it for learning anything like !DualCast. You are better off waiting until the end-game areas.

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    I'll get my dualcast! Only 957 more pts to go! WOOT!

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    Personally this is one of my favorite RPG's of all time. Of course at the time my RPG experience was limited to Pokemon games; so maybe those rose colored glasses of time have allowed me an overly favorable opinion of the game, relative to others that i have subsequently played. I will give the first game in particular extra points for showing the customizable looks you can get with each new armor set that you can acquire through out the game. (Although that was mentioned in the podcast.) One of the neat little tidbits about the game is that when you rip the music from the disk (the PSF files) there is one track which seems a bit out of place. That would be the theme from the Wild Arm's games. Apparently that was a placeholder that was never removed from the listing through all the stages of the production. (Sorry I didn't get this piece in on time so it could be viewed before the next backtrack)

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    Please don't bump threads in Latest Updates older than one month old. You can PM feedback to Jumes for older episodes.

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