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Thread: Hoshigami Remix - Retroview

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    Hoshigami Remix - Retroview

    Not every tactical RPG gets a first chance in the English language, but this one got another try at impressing audiences across the Pacific. Whether it succeeded in its aim is an entirely different story.
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    I agree with some points in this review... but certainly not all. Personally I quite enjoyed Hoshigami.

    After reading this I think I'm going to fire up a new game in it actually

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    How timely. I just posted a composer breakdown over at vgmdb.

    So, the DS version of this game had a completely new soundtrack by Kennosuke Suemura and Saori Kobayashi. Both are former SEGA composers, and you may recognize Kobayashi as the lead composer of Panzer Dragoon Saga (aka the best JRPG soundtrack ever ).

    Unfortunately, the "real" versions of the music got severely downgraded for the DS version. Please, readers, listen to this playlist of the complete versions--still MIDI, but better than the DS sequences.

    Hoshigami Remix is an anomaly in that it's this a remake of an already obscure game which, by chance, got completely redone music by one of the best (and somewhat unknown) composers in the industry. And she's not even properly credited on the actual CD album. Hopefully her name shows up in the end credits of the game.

    That said, you should really only listen to the following tracks: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 21, 22, and 26. Those are all certainly Kobayashi's work. I am doing this as a public service: this really is some of the best JRPG music you'll ever hear, even though it uses low-quality MIDI instruments. I guarantee having a listen to those tracks I specified will change opinions about this game's music.

    By contrast, Suemura's tracks, (almost all the other ones I didn't mention), are really quite dull and some are outright bad. Which is why you can safely skip his contributions. You can read the vgmdb thread I linked to for a little more info about the music.

    EDIT: I realized that playlist omits some tracks, fortunately none of Kobayashi's. Here are the titles of her compositions:
    02 Fun Shopping
    03 Hometown Breeze
    04 Floating Continent "Mardias"
    06 War of the Two Nations
    08 March of Justice
    09 Relentless Invaders
    11 Fated Reunion
    13 Black Armor
    14 Discord
    21 The Knights of Destiny
    22 The Final Decisive Battle
    26 A Tale Passed Down

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    Mike plays these games, so you don't have to. Seriously.

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    I never played the remix but the PS1 one was the most broken strategy RPG I've ever played (and in that regard, the worst).

    The hit percentage thing was the worst part, if you were even 1 level below an enemy it was nigh impossible to hit them. The fact that they made levels such a huge deal in the game was appalling. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like they improved much in this game, which makes me question how this ever got a port.
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    I played this on the PSOne but I did not enjoy the coin? system. I want a new/good tactics game!

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