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Thread: Memories of Celceta Begin This Month

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    Memories of Celceta Begin This Month

    This year, Thanksgiving is about more than turkeYs. For RPGamers who own Vitas, it will be an Yspecially action-packed holiday.

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    I cannot wait. Give this to me now.
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    If I manage to get that temp work at Gamestop, I may be able to buy a Vita and partake of this on Day One. That's if I get lucky.
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    If I had the money, this would be day 1 for me as well. Gahh so much sorrow that I won't be able to participate in this game.

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    Finally a release date! It cuts too close to my trip oversees so I had to change shipping to 2-day instead of free, but I'm sure it'll be worth it.

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    Noooooooooooo im gonna be broke after PS4, LoZ ALBW and Super Mario 3D World

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    Yeah this looks WAY too good. I need a vita asap lol
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    I may have to grab this. I'm still a Ys virgin, though I've got a few on steam I haven't got to yet. But I need a couple more Vita specific games so I don't have to play just PSN (ps1/psp downloaded) games on it.

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