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Thread: RPG Backtrack: Episode 108 - Coins, Robots, Knights and Phantoms

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    RPG Backtrack: Episode 108 - Coins, Robots, Knights and Phantoms

    The original PlayStation hosted a great variety of titles that don't come up in conversation much nowadays, and among them are some interesting tactical items. Working Designs and Atlus had hands in bringing all of these intriguing games across the Pacific, though their merits vary.
    Stupid Hydra, stuck on land at a crawl.
    It's not what he's eating, but what's eating him that makes it ... sort of interesting.

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    The thing is, if it was easier to get and play Dragonforce, I would in a flash, I'm not sure I got a saturn in my attic >.< .I remember now, I have a dreamcast.
    I'm one of those that love Brigandine but yes, in terms of pure mechanics and not overall charm, I would rate various super Robot wars and Front missions etc over it.
    I'm not some kind of game speculator, but you notice it's never the most popular figurines, cards that become expensive to collect, it's the obscure limited edition strangeness.
    I respect your analysis of the game but have to disagree, as personally it just gave me and my sister so much fun that even now, we would not sell it.
    Pokemon tactics in comparison bored me to death, and I liked Kartia but it was pretty forgettable in comparison. I would check out vanguard bandits very soon though I have a PSP

    Thanks for all the hard work on the backtracks, I enjoy them all, the music, the discussions the relentless (and necessary) sarcasm and hours spent playing terrible games, the podcast length. The bizarre cultural whims of Japanese games, the non RPG section. The recommendations of the GOOD games.

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    Hey, THANKS for the feedback,'s VERY appreciated. I'll definitely read this one on the air.

    As a Front Mission fan myself, that's a hard bar to beat, hahahaha. I haven't played any of the 'Main Event' games, but in listening and interacting with the others, I came away with the same impression. Vanguard Bandits is now on my backlog

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    Was so happy when I heard you guys were discussing Brigandine, not because this is easily everyones favorite tactical RPG of all time but mostly because I now know that I'm not the only person to have played this game of epic awesomeness. You forgot to mention one of the greatest things about this game though. You didn't mention that of all these leaders Lance is the only one who starts at a whopping level 1 making him so superior he'll easily take on those hydras and dragons with no problems

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    I have to say, I liked the Wheel of Time series in the following ways. Books 1-6 were very good, with a dip in quality in book 5. Books 7-10 were almost pure filler and garbage; in fact, as I'm sure you know book 10 was the last day in book 9 stretched over 700 pages. I loved 11-14 but still preferred some aspects of Jordan's writing over Sanderson's. Overall, it has an amazingly layered plot, and, to be honest, I don't see Sanderson's Stormlight Archive being nearly as good as the Wheel of Time. Jordan, however, in my opinion is still the man at writing battle scenes, which makes sense as he was in the Vietnam War. Sanderson was the perfect fill-in for Jordan, but I wish Jordan was to finish it.
    I started the series in April of 2012 and it took me until August of this year to finish it, it was a journey and painful in some parts, but at the end it worked out and I managed to conquer it, as I read the last 700 pages of book 14 in one day, that is how good they were.

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