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Thread: The Witcher 3 Visits VGX Awards

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    The Witcher 3 Visits VGX Awards

    We kept waiting for Joel McHale to rip off his mask, reveal he was Geralt of Rivia, and put the VGX broadcast out of its misery, but that didn't happen. What did happen was the showing of this fine trailer for The Witcher 3.

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    Pretty cool trailer. I'm looking forward to playing this game, but as mentioned in the story here we're still waiting on a lot of information on this game. I wonder if they'll do like The Witcher 2 and have it on PC way before it ever comes out on consoles, or if the success of The Witcher 2 will have them do a simultaneous release.

    On a somewhat tangential note, I was a bit underwhelmed with the announcements, or lack thereof, at the VGAs this year. I mean, it's cool to see new footage and all, but there were no huge reveals this year that blew me away like we had last year. Oh well.

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