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Thread: A Few Tidbits From Nintendo Direct

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    A Few Tidbits From Nintendo Direct

    Today's Nintendo Direct features a few fairies. One is flying to North America, and the other is technically a psychic tulip bulb. But they're still fairies, honest.

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    Slightly amused about how they made SP sound more complicated/important than it actually is. Basically it grants you a free turn at that exact moment in the battle, useful if you get stuck in a tricky situation and don't want to start the battle again (auto-save means you hardly lose any progress if you die, and you can change difficulty at any point outside of cutscenes/battles) but it's quite easy to get by without using them at all*. There's no real reason for anyone to spend actual money on them.

    Also if anyone is scared that not being able to StreetPasses will hold them back in some way, random internet peoples fill the same role if you don't get any so yay.

    * as of around 25 hours into the game anyway :P
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    Completely underwhelmed by this direct, nothing really caught my attention. Guess it was too much to hope for a DQ7 3DS announcement.

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    No mention of Hyrule Warriors!? Touche (pardon my French), as it's not an RPG. I found it interesting. I thought Pokemon Conquest would be terrible but it turned out not to be. I thought the same of the original Kingdom Hearts. These follow of pattern of a crossover thing that sounds terrible but actually isn't. Hyrule Warriors is the same type of deal, I think.

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