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Thread: Preview - Dark Souls II

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    Preview - Dark Souls II

    From Software is preparing to inflict its own uncompromising level of challenge once more on those foolish enough to believe they have what it takes. It's almost time to die, again. And again.

    [ Preview ]
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    March 14 can't come soon enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lassic View Post
    March 14 can't come soon enough
    No kidding, can't wait to dig in to this game!

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    I will die a happy fool over and over again once I get this game
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    When this game is reviewed, don't forget to include a death counter.

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    I was at first a little bummed that there won't be a PC version at launch, but then I realized that just gives me more time to finish up the first one .

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    The combat looks more fun in this game, maybe I'll like it more.

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    The combat in the beta was about 90% the same, with some minor control changes. The timing related elements were definitely off. I just hope the PvP latency issues are fixed. Dark Souls was so bad that you'd have to start a parry blindly before an opponent attacked because by the time you'd see an attack on your end it was already too late to react.

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    As someone whose just now playing Dark Souls for the first time, I'm proud to say that an upcoming game such as this that I previously had no interest in has transformed into one I'm really excited for.

    My main hopes for Dark Souls 2 is a little more storytelling and less backtracking. You get the teleport skill kinda late in Dark Souls, and the lack of a decent central hub that is easily revisted can be annoying. The story and characters of Dark Souls actually seem very intriguing, but its been pretty tough to keep up with when NPCs might get new dialogue, the random places they move to, and one of my favorites requires an item just to talk to that I wouldn't have figured out had TG not mentioned it AND going online to find out how to acquire. Also pretty excited to see what new additions they bring to the combat and character customization.
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