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Thread: RPGCast - Episode 292: "One Does Not Simply Walk Into Brodor"

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    RPGCast - Episode 292: "One Does Not Simply Walk Into Brodor"

    RPGCast - Episode 292: "One Does Not Simply Walk Into Brodor"

    Paws has got it, baby, she's got it. SiliconNoob is the owner of a lonely heart, owner of a lonely heart. Sabin used to work at the docks...union's been on strike, he's down on his luck. Lusipurr travels the world and the seven seas, everybody is looking for something. Risingsuntzu is hungry like the wolf.

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. There is nothing more obnoxious than someone screaming into a microphone when they know those listening might be wearing headphones. I'll refrain from spelling out what I think of him....

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    I did not get the podcast title at first, but when the podcast reached the titular discussion I seriously cracked up.

    Why do I listen to RPGCast (and RPG Backtrack)?

    1) I love RPGs, hearing what other people think of RPGs, and sometimes the vicarious experience of RPGs that I will never play because life is too short.

    2) They're free. Can't beat the price for audio entertainment during work or World of Warcraft.

    3) The only thing more boring that work is grinding 9999 dinosaur bones (or 10 Skyshards, or... well, you get it) for a mount in World of Warcraft.

    What would I like to see more of? Perhaps more talk about the 3DS eshop, Xbox Indie Games or whatever the Xbone has in that department, or the PS3/PS4 online store. I'm surprised no one has mentioned River King on the 3DS eshop (have they?) since that's a Natsume RPG. That I bought and cannot figure out how to play.

    What would I like to see less of? Less hatred for other reviewers, especially GameFAQs reviewers. Yes, I'm biased because I am a GameFAQs reviewer, and I've reviewed some indie RPGs that RPGamer hasn't touched! (Yet.)

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    why do i listen to rpgcast? cause i like listening to something on saturday mornings when i wake up and it amuses my face.

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