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Thread: The Minds at Aksys Reveal a New Title

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    The Minds at Aksys Reveal a New Title

    The PlayStation Vita appears to have been getting a healthy selection of titles from Japan recently, and Aksys has just announced another. Mind Zero is coming to both America and Europe this spring.

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    I'm still a bit amazed that anyone wanted to pick up and localize such a blatant rip-off of Persona. It's hard enough to believe that the game even exists, let alone that it's going to be localized.
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    Definitely get a Persona vibe from it even with first person dungeon crawling instead of 3rd person. It looks a little more like the kids are actually super people in it though, since personas tended to be the thing that used special powers. If it were being localized by someone I like more I would certainly consider it, but Aksys just isn't usually a hit releaser. In this case, I will wait for reviews to see if it is an eventual pick up.

    Oh yeah, I don't have a Vita right now, but I'm aiming for one sometime this year. I'm hoping this one turns out good, though.
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    I'll probably get this just to see how close of a rip it is. That and I love me some dungeon crawling, and I like the art style.

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    As I recall, there's even an Aigis lookalike in there, though I don't think she was an android or anything.

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