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Thread: South Park is Golden, Full of New Media

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    South Park is Golden, Full of New Media

    Childish, offensive, and immature are just a few works that have been used to describe South Park. In the case of The Stick of Truth, those are still true, but they are all positives.

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    Pre-ordered a couple of copies in anticipation of some Good old South Park gone wild.

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    I'm buying this so avoiding the 13 minutes of footage. Game looks great but wish it had either come out earlier or a bit later.
    Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, Tales Chronicles, Atelier Escha and Logy, Dark Souls II...there's just too much coming out in so short a time. (Not too mention Danganronpa, Bravely Default, and Toukiden that just came out)

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    Busy first quarter for sure!
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    Agreeing with Pimp.

    Between Atelier, Tales, Diablo 3 Xpack (x2 for me and Eira), FFX/X-2. And the games that have already come out BD:FF and LR:FFXIII. I'm pretty much strapped. I also have some stuff in backlog pickups that I need to get like Fable anniversary and several others along with Conception II in April. I'm strapped. I'm also not a big fan of South Parks idea of humor and think its mostly crude and crass this one is definitely way below my radar.
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    The "first 13" wasn't too spoilery imho. I preordered this one. I like South Park. I like Obsidian. It just seems like it'll go well.

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