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Thread: NISA Supplies Some Demon Gaze Media

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    NISA Supplies Some Demon Gaze Media

    Every adventuring party needs a nice inn to return to after a hard day of exploring dungeons and slaying monsters. In Demon Gaze, that inn is filled with lunatics.


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    this does nothing to make me want the game. I like dungeon crawling and character creation, but I dunno.

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    NISA has limited editions ready for pre-order on their store! I had a great experience with their customer service, who worked very hard to get me my Disgaea D2 limited edition when my bank was messing things up. If you're interested in the game, maybe you should look into it. $49.99 instead of $39.99 I believe, and you get a soft cover art book and a sound disc thingy.
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