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Thread: Conception II Gets a Demo

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    Conception II Gets a Demo

    Whether it is due to genuine anticipation or just idle curiosity, many RPGamers will likely want to see what Atlus and Spike Chunsoft's baby-making RPG is like for themselves. Fortunately, that is going to be possible very soon.


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    I do want to at least give it a go because Spike Chunsoft is currently very much in my good books for 999, VLR, and Danganronpa, but I am a little more wary of this one than I was for those for the expected reasons. Still pretty hopeful it'll be fun.
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    I'm expecting to enjoy the game myself, though I doubt it will be on my list for top games this year. It would be nice to be surprised, but I'm happy with it just being entertaining.
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    I will at least download the demo... actually, I might end up downloading it on both platforms to see where it's playing best. The question is how much of the "ehhhhhh" factor will be included.
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    Finally something to play on my Vita!

    I wasn't planning on purchasing this game, but a free demo is worth checking out.

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    I am rather pensive about what to think of this game. I will still wait for reviews to make up my mind, but a demo will certainly help.
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