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Thread: Kickstarter Check-In - Earthlock: Festival of Magic

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    Kickstarter Check-In - Earthlock: Festival of Magic

    This professional-looking Kickstarter campaign is nearing completion, so interested gamers might want to take this opportunity to ensure its success. We hear they're even developing a kitten cannon.


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    Glad to see an article about this game. I've backed it. I think it looks a lot better than many of the AAA JRPGs to come out in recent years.

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    I don't really find the art style too appealing myself honestly.

    But you might be happy to know the game is now funded successfully!

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    If it wasn't for the fact that non-handheld JRPGs are increasingly rare now days, would anything about this game look appealing? I don't see a whole lot going on from an art-design perspective, and the battle system reminds me of the worst of the PS1 days.

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    It barely made it but they did it. They reached the 1rst goal to be funded at least.
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