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Thread: Get an In-depth Look at Dragon Fin Soup

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    Get an In-depth Look at Dragon Fin Soup

    With murder, a long-lasting war, and the undead, the fairy tale world of Dragon Fin Soup is looking to be a grim one. The aptly named developer of this indie RPG shows as much in this 24-minute long introduction to its upcoming game.

    "Tiz, please. You're getting bumpkin all over my feral bikini woman fantasy. "

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    I liked the look of the game and the fact it will be on the Vita as well, so I backed this

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    The look of the game is quite nice, but the Vagrant Story-complex stat system is a bit of a turn off for me. I like my roguelikes simple with just HP, ATK and DEF stats and have the strategy focus more on figuring out useful movement patterns rather than switching equips depending on enemy.

    The idea to combine roguelike with bomberman is genius, though. Someone should work that out even more.

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