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Thread: Visit Child of Light's Many Landscapes

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    Visit Child of Light's Many Landscapes

    Travel through the dreamlike realm of Lemuria in this new trailer for Child of Light. Aurora will need to traverse forests, swamps, caverns, and cliffsides on her heroic journey.

    [So pretty]

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    Puts every polygonal piece of crap to shame.
    This game will still look beautiful in 20 years.
    It's kinda a shame that so much of the PS3/360 console generation was lost with so little of this level of art design,
    because this game clearly shows what the system has to offer it.

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    This might end up being the only console game I'm actually buying this year!

    The only thing that bothers me is that even if you buy the deluxe edition in the store, it won't even contain a disk, you still need to download it. =.=
    I don't really want to support this development to "games will become digital only", but the game is just too good looking to ignore.

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    So, I've been playing this for review, and I'm near the end. The game plays as good as it looks. I know they really are trying to push the art and aesthetics, but the turn-based combat has just enough strategy to keep players on their toes. I've been really enjoying the entire package, and it's definitely worth the price of admission.

    I'll have more thoughts when I post the review on Monday (Tuesday at the latest).

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