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Thread: Rogue Legacy Hacking Its Way to PlayStation Platforms

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    Rogue Legacy Hacking Its Way to PlayStation Platforms

    Popular PC roguelike, Rogue Legacy, is making its way to PlayStation platforms. Check out what creator, Teddy Lee has to say about his indie darling.


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    I picked up the PC version a few weeks ago and have been playing it quite a bit. Gotta say this game is really good, and I might even consider picking it up again for my Vita.

    I just wish I were better at it. I'm still not good enough to kill any bosses or leave the castle. I've had to have had at least 100 generations so far.

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    It took me around 120 generations to clear the castle the first time. Sorry if that's a spoiler.

    Unlike most roguelikes, it's action, so if you are good enough you can clear the game the first time. You'd have to be insanely good though, I'm not sure if anyone can really do it.

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    Oh I know. My struggle so far has been obtaining enough gold on a run to get a stat increase or equipment/runes. Once I finally got a wired 360 controller, I got much better at the game. But I do agree that this game is not designed to be completed on the first run. I'm just feeling like 90% of my runs are wasted, until more recently.

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    Hey this isn't a sequel to Rogue Galaxy.

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