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Thread: Hung Up on Semantics - Currents

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    Hung Up on Semantics - Currents

    Currents returns as we discuss the difference between sold-in sales and units sold, how the Wii U isn’t like the Dreamcast (yet), Sony’s sale of Square Enix stock, and numerous career changes by notable developers. We also have a few questions for you.


    If I could ask you readers some questions this week, they would be:
    • What are your favorite games on the PSN?
    • Have you downloaded any PSP or PlayStation Classic since they've become available again?
    • What games do you think need to be added?
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    Ooooh, I hate when companies report "sold-in to retailers" numbers instead of actual sales numbers. It was lame when Sony did it for the PS3 last gen and it's lame when Microsoft does it for the One this gen.

    Let's see... questions! I always enjoy these.

    1. Geez, there are a ton of PSN games, though if digital games are multi-plat I usually get them on PC. Tokyo Jungle comes to mind as a fun PSN exclusive. I'm sure there are plenty of others since I have an epic backlog thanks to PS Plus.

    2. We've bought a couple PSP games on the Vita, but no PSX Classics. I'm far more likely to buy a graphically enhanced remake than a straight up port of a PSX-era game. I like pretties, and the PSX era was a rather awkward one for console graphics... especially games that used 3D models instead of sprites.

    3. I'd love to actually finish Legend of Mana someday. Looks it up. Oh, hey, it's actually already a PS Classic! Uh, then let's actually see Suikoden II. C'mon, Konami.

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    So haters should instead say, "Wii U is on pace to match the financial performance of the Dreamcast, one of the worst financially performing consoles of all time." That, revised from "...fall short of" the Dreamcast.

    I downloaded Grandia for play on PS3 (I don't own a Vita) because I encountered a progress-halting bug late in Disc 2 (with my physical discs). The PSN copy worked fine and even loaded my save without hiccups.

    Will the release of Suikoden II on PS Classics destroy the value of the physical copies people own?

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    - I haven't played many PSN games yet. I've played Dragon Fantasy 1, and Doctor Who The Eternity Clock. Both of them were meh. However my entire PSP/Vita collection is digital, and I have a couple of Vita games that I'll get to eventually.

    - I have a dozen or so mostly Atlus PSP games, I think all of them were compatible from the beginning with the Vita, or at least since I got one. I have a couple PS1 classics as well, FF9 and the Persona 2 game that is only on PS1 in the west, and both of them were compatible to begin with.

    - I've been thinking about what I'd like to see as far as PS1 classics. The only one sticking out in my mind is Dragon Warrior 7, which wouldn't even be necessary if Nintendo or Square would get around to localizing the 3DS remake already. I'd also like to see PS2 classics start coming to the Vita. On the other hand, I'm only interested in games I don't already have in some manner. There are still quite a few PS1 classics I need to get around to picking up.

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    Maybe Microsoft is currently undergoing an ego crisis. Maybe they aren't.

    Regarding the Wii U...

    Yes, when retailers start clearing their inventory, it's usually not a good sign, but then, who the heck buys their games from Sears? Seriously. I've never done it in my entire life. I don't know anyone who has, unless they own some game store I don't know about.

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    To be fair, I made a lot of my buying decisions in my younger days out of the Sears Wish Book.
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    I've bought a couple consoles from them over the years (at great clearance/black friday prices), but their game prices are never competitive.

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