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Thread: Neptunia Re;Birth1 Arrives This Summer

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    Neptunia Re;Birth1 Arrives This Summer

    Did Nomura name this latest Neptunia game? That's certainly an interesting use of a semi-colon. Regardless of whether you like fancy pants grammar, the game is releasing this summer.


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    is this like, a re-release of the original game? Maybe an upgraded one? Or is it a new one? If it's the first game with some improvements, I'm unsure of my interest level.

    Though, I do want to play other games in the series, so a new entry would be nice.
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    It's the first game with some changes and the battle system from the third game(Victory) instead of the terrible one the original game had.

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    From what I read besides the updated battle system they also redid part of the story. So although the story will be mostly similar to the original the gameplay will be more like that of Victory. This to me is a major update the the original makes me wish I had a Vita... Because this is a pretty major update for this game. Although personally I would rather see this ported to the PS3/4 though as I'm not a major hand-held fan.

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