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Thread: Dragon Fantasy Finally Arrives on European PSN

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    Dragon Fantasy Finally Arrives on European PSN

    It's been a long time coming, but Muteki Corporation has finally got past the issues preventing Dragon Fantasy's European release on PS3 and Vita. An alchemist and a battle princess are also on hand to help with the celebrations.

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    I am way excited about this

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    Finally... FINALLY!

    But what about Book II? Didn't they want to release them simultaneously in Europe?

    Edit: Seems they said "soon".

    Also interesting: The game has cross-save. You can save on your PS3 and load that save state on your Vita.
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    I just finally played through this game and got the plat a couple days ago. Could definitely use improvement in a lot of areas and was kind of buggy(game crashed on me 3-4 times in 15 hours, and some other minor annoyances) but overall not bad. I enjoyed it.

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    By the way, is it just me or does this game not show up in the "New games" list? I had to manually search for it on PSN.

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