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Thread: Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment's Post-Launch DLC Unveiled

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    Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment's Post-Launch DLC Unveiled

    It's always nice when game's provide extra content after launch for free. It's even nicer when that content doesn't involve just playing dress-up in clothing that should by all rights be utterly useless in combat.

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    You are obviously unaware of the various MMOs that make most of their money off of sexy underpants DLC. I wish I were kidding.

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    While I haven't purchased sexy underpants DLC, I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on things like glow-y weapon skins in Path of Exile, and a similar amount on skins for League of Legends. I'm not sure why exactly it feels like I'm getting an appropriate return on my money for it, but it for some reason works for me in those games.

    I'm pretty excited for this; I'm leaving on a trip the day it launches, so will have it on my vita for all my travelling!

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    Really this game can not come out fast enough. I haven't been this excited for a game in a very long time.

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    I want have to say, I recently read some kinda spin off reboot version of Swords Art Online and kinda liked it. So I might be interested in this game. But I have problems with DLC in games <sigh>. I was so close to buying Divinity Original sin and then I heard about some kinda deluxe version with extra DLC, <groan>.
    I think I've said this about fanservice before, fanservice is a bonus I suppose but I will only buy a game with solid gameplay goodness like story and battlesystem, itemization and exploration.

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