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Thread: RPG ELEMENTS #4 - Easy Lover

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    RPG ELEMENTS #4 - Easy Lover

    In the latest issue of Elements, special guests Michael Cunningham and Sam Marchello review two special books for us. We also take an early look at the XCOM board game. Check it out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by risingsun View Post
    Review by special guest: Michael Cunningham
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    Uh oh. Those might be fighting words around here.

    I saw that XCOM game in a magazine yesterday and thought it looked like a playable interpretation of the video game. I don't know if it'll draw XCOM fans, but if it's good it should interest fans of strategy games like that. Looks like the sort of thing my friends and I would have given a shot in college.
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    The game that popularized this genre is Space Alert (it wasn't the first, though).
    There have been other games of this type since. One people here may have heard of is SpaceTeam (for phones).

    For Space Alert, the developer came up with an algorithm and then generated several audio tracks (10 minutes long each), putting those on CD. One of these tracks is played during each game. An enterprising person made an app for phones that auto-generates a 10-minute soundtrack according to the algo, making it similar to this game.

    The idea for this type of game: players work together to solve a problem. Either they solve the problem and win, or fail to do so and lose. This type of game doesn't work if one player is working against the others, either openly or secretly. The concept hasn't been tried in any game (to my knowledge) because it really won't work at all. Often there's an option to set the difficultly, so the game can be adjusted for both new and experienced players. I like the idea of a companion app to provide the antagonist.

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